欢迎来到棋牌游戏大全大家庭! 对我们来说,让你参与到学生在棋牌游戏平台的经历中是很重要的. Here, you can access several important links and resources that will help you navigate your way throughout the school year. 如果你找不到你要找的东西, 请联系您的孩子的部门办公室了解更多信息.


棋牌游戏平台社区的每一位家长都是棋牌游戏平台家长协会的成员. Learn more 棋牌游戏大全作为会员等待你的机会.


We proudly welcome 较低的部门 grandparents to 较低的部门 Grandparents’ Day each year and look forward to other opportunities to connect with all grandparents throughout the year.


为了我们的家庭, myBERKELEY 您的一站式资源访问学校日历, directory, news, 学校的资源, 以及学生的具体信息(成绩), assignments, 进度报告, 和其他重要信息). 你作为家长需要的一切都在一个方便的地方找到.


  • 学校早上8点正式开始上课.m.; students are encouraged to arrive by 7:45 a.m.
  • 下午三点正式放学.m. 幼稚园至五年级及下午3:20.m. 6-12年级.
  • CLICK HERE 获取方便打印的校园地图.


  • 邻里和校园交通安全

    This is a reminder to our Berkeley community drivers about the importance of following traffic rules and speed limits in our surrounding neighborhood and on campus. It is important to follow traffic laws and remain courteous to each other and our Berkeley neighbors. 考虑到这一点, please avoid entering our neighboring properties when turning around or trying to maneuver around traffic. Please find our gate hours below to help you enter and exit our campus at the most appropriate times and avoid being turned away due to a gate closure.

    Gate Hours:

    科斯罗斯克家庭入口:早上5:30.m. – 11:00 p.m.
    哈罗德入口:早上6点.m. – 10:00 p.m.
    新奥尔良入口:早上7:15.m. – 8:15 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    卢卡斯入场:早上7:15.m. –  8:15 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    科斯罗斯克家庭入口:7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
    哈罗德入口:早上7点.m. – 9:00 a.m. (周日)关闭
  • 接送手续


    卡斯珀兰迪斯公车站有两波接送车. 早车站从下午三点开始.m. for 较低的部门 students only; Late Buc Stop begins at 3:20 p.m. 所有学生. We plan to have Early Buc Stop pickup complete prior to allowing queued traffic for Late Buc Stop to proceed to the Casper Landis Buc Stop.

    请重新审核解雇 PICKUP MATRIX 确定您独特的提货程序.

    请参阅 校园及入口 地图,以熟悉我们的入境点和目的地.
    幼儿学生, 与2-5年级的低年级学生共用一辆车, are required to be dropped off at the Casper Landis Buc Stop and can be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m.

    较低的部门 students attending classes in the Forsyth Center for Elementary Education must be dropped off in front of the Dev Family 较低的部门 Complex by accessing the New Orleans Avenue Gate via Kelly Road and can be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. Please note: students in grades 2-5 who are carpooling with Middle and 上师 students are allowed to be dropped off at the Casper Landis Buc Stop.

    学生可以在卡斯珀兰迪斯巴士站或吉尔斯大厅巴士站下车. 请计划在早上8点前15到20分钟到达.m. 方便下车. 接送学生时,家长应留在车内,以便交通顺畅. 不要使用有编号的停车位让学生下车.

    早车站接车(必须使用Bray Road的Harrod入口)
    如果你要去学前班, Kindergarten, 或者一年级学生, 以及2-5年级低年级学生, 您必须前往卡斯珀兰迪斯巴士站, 在那里你将被引导去接你的学生. 一旦你接了你的学生,所有的早班车停止交通(3-3:20).m.) WILL BE REQUIRED TO TURN RIGHT AND EXIT CAMPUS VIA THE LUCAS ENTRANCE ON EXTER WAY to avoid queued traffic coming from Bray Road for Middle and 上师s dismissing at 3:20 p.m.

    任何拼车都可以使用晚车站. 晚车站接车时间是下午3:20.m. 下午3:20前到达的车辆.m. via the Harrod Entrance on Bray Road will be queued by parking staff while Early Buc Stop traffic exits campus. 晚Buc站的交通可以通过Lucas入口离开Casper Landis Buc站,进入Exter Way, 哈罗德入口进入布雷路, 或福赛斯路,在下午3:35后进入凯利路的科斯罗斯克家庭入口.m.

    All non-较低的部门 pickup begins during Late Buc Stop and can take place at the appropriate pick-up locations (Gills Hall Buc Stop or the Casper Landis Buc Stop).
  • 校服要求

    棋牌游戏平台的每个部门都有自己的制服政策. The Lower and 中间部门s require a daily uniform Monday through Thursday and a formal uniform on Friday. 上师 follows a standard of dress code Monday through Thursday and requires a formal uniform on Friday. Contact your specific division office at (813) 885-1673 to inquire about specific dress code policies.
  • 棋牌游戏平台的餐饮选择

    棋牌游戏平台与SAGE餐饮服务合作,为我们的学校社区提供日常膳食.  Students who take advantage of the Berkeley dining program are able to enjoy a wide selection of food in the beautiful Berkeley Café (Middle and 上师s) and 较低的部门 Activity Center and the new dining hall in the Seivold Center for Early Childhood Education (较低的部门). Working with SAGE brings a wealth of experience providing the best dining options in an academic setting. Their team of registered dietitians continuously works with Berkeley’s food service manager and chefs to develop recipes that adhere to the highest nutritional standards. All students are automatically enrolled in the dining program at the beginning of the year and have the opportunity to opt out.
  • 交通方式

    棋牌游戏平台每年都会对这些关系进行评估,并选择一些载体, 在它的判断中, 最能满足学校社区的需要. 棋牌游戏平台目前正在推荐网络传输解决方案. 如果你想用它们来运输,请直接给公司打电话.*主要联系人:Dana Slaybe办公室# 407-722-8283 Dana.Slaybe@DestinationMCO.com

    *Please note that families can privately contract with any service they wish to hire for their transportation needs.
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成立于1960年, 棋牌游戏平台是独立的, Episcopal, 位于坦帕的大学预备走读学校, FL, 适用于从幼儿园到12年级的男孩和女孩. 大约1400名来自坦帕湾地区的学生聚集在这里,组成了一个棋牌游戏平台.